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Domoto Koichi BPM Album scans!!

Hey guys!! After soooo long I finally managed to scan everything!!
Hahaha and finally get the time to upload everything =X
Soooo enjoy!!!! ^^

Limited Edition:


Uwaaa~~~ I love love love this cover!!!
It's soooo pretty!!! XDD
I love the DK logo!!!

More here!!Collapse )

Only Star 9/13 Koichi cover!!!

Hey minna!! Ohisashiburi desu!!!
This is loooong overdue but yeaa
I present Koichi's Cover in Only Star!! =D
This issue is quite worth buying because I get the best of both worlds,
Plus a SDK report!! =DD


He is soooo gorgeous~~
The hat!!! XD

Come in come in!! =DCollapse )

Endless SHOCK 2011 webpage is up!!!


Original webpage HERE

Next year is Imperial Theater's 100th Anniversary!!
Oh my goshhh~ this is so amazing
100 years!!! The theater is like 5 times my age XDD

And Koichi looks soooo amazing here!!
Looking at the necklace makes me go kya cus ahh~ I'm wearing the same necklace right now too! XD

Kind of sad that I am not able to go for next year's Endless SHOCK
It's funny cus when I went for SHOCK this year I know I won't be able to go next year,
And I'm ok with that,
But seeing the poster being up-ed now, I feel a little sabishii T___T

Maybe if I work hard enough I might be able to fly just to catch one performance? =X

HAHA anyhow, I managed to save the picture for the poster,
So if anyone wants the full size of it, just download HERE

Sorry I only have MU link cus MF is still giving me problems zzz

Time to clean up

hmmm have been looking around my room recently,
And realize that my room is tooo messy
Well I'll start cleaning up after my exams end I guess

I see a lot of my Koichi's albums still stacked on my table,
Don't have any place to keep them..
Which got me thinking if I should start clearing some space in my cupboard,
For example, my wink up magazines??

Haven't really held on to them for a year
But I guess I might want to sell away some magazines that aren't KinKi covers..
I dunno..

Just a random thought


Hey hey hey~~
Before I start forgetting about all these~
I'm gonna post them now XDD

Official Photos:


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Songs September 2010 scans!!

Hey guys~~
Yes I am alive =/
Recently I have been trying to meet deadlines for my assignments,
And today finally all submissions are done!!
I'll be free for a while, and then my exams will come =X

Alright so Koichi is on cover for SONGS!
Definitely a very hot photoshoot!! =DD
Will be scanning the other magazines when I'm not too lazy =/


The cover!!!
My gosh Koichi why pink WHY?!?! =X

More beautifiul prince here ^^Collapse )

Writer's Block: Sultans of swing

Imagine your first chart-topping album has just been released. What sort of music is on it? What does the cover art look like?

Haha I chanced upon this topic, and thought it would be interesting to write about it
To be honest, being an ex choir member myself,
I have been thinking about this question too.
Thing like if I were to be a singer, what kind of music would I be singing?
Would I have a choice to choose the kind of music that I want to sing?
Or would I be forced to sing music that I don't like.

If I were to release my 1st chart-topping album,
The main hit song would definitely have to be a dance number!
That song would be accompanied with a cool hip hop choreography,
And the tune of course would not be irritatingly brain-washing,
But a catchy but special tune which would appeal to everyone.

Apart from the song of course there would be other dance numbers too,
Since I love dancing a lot, I would want to reach out to those who have the same passion as me too.

However, not every song would be fast beat dance numbers
I would insert a few slow yet beautiful ballads as well,
They will not be the boring type, that puts listeners to sleep,
Instead, it will bring peace, or maybe sadness to the listeners.
Songs that would reach out to the hearts of people listening to it,
Songs that will form a beautiful image in their minds
That is the kind of music that I want to sing

For the album cover,
Of course it has to be black!
It will be a super cool design,
With me in a very nice and simple look
The whole layout will look simple yet beautiful
Yes it will be packaged nicely so that it is worth what the fans(if they are) paid for.

Yup and that's a small piece of my dream =X

KinKi Kids J Concert DVD!!!!

Hey hey hey finally I am done uploading the stuffs~
Well I managed to find some time and watch the DVD
And I love it~~ T____T
So you guys should hurry up and download it!!! =DDDD


The oh so beautiful cover~~~~ *____*

More in here!!!! XDDCollapse )


J concert DVD in my hands~~

Yay~~~ I got the J Concert DVD~~
Finally finally~~

That is not a good thing for me
Because me being me,
Instead of watching the DVD 1st,
I went straight to ripping and scanning..

After 3 hours...yes I finally finished scanning the 56 page booklet..
Both my arms are trembling now LOLOL
I thought I wouldn't scan the booklet but seeing how the Booklet is quite scan-able,
I went ahead

So yay~ lucky for you guys, scans will be coming up in a few days..(maybe a week cus I'm busy T__T)
And uploading the rip will once again take like super looong so please be patient! =X

Alright with that I'm gone =D


Uwaaaaaaa T______________T

Dear Sarah Lee,

Thank you for placing your order from cdjapan.co.jp.
Your order has been received.

Order Number : 10103377477

JECN-236 Koichi Domoto / BPM[w/ DVD, Limited Edition /Type B]
CDA 3143yen * 1 Released:2010/09/01

JECN-234 Koichi Domoto / BPM[w/ DVD, Limited Edition/Type A]
CDA 4762yen * 1 Released:2010/09/01

JECN-238 Koichi Domoto / BPM[Regular Edition]
CDA 2857yen * 1 Released:2010/09/01

Payment Method : Credit Card
Subtotal : 10762yen
Shipping : 1960yen
Total : 12722yen

Yesssss, and for those who don't know, that is like $200.22 bucks that I spent!!!
And I just got back from Japan thinking waa at least I still have about $250 bucks stashed aside..
Aparently not anymore!!!!!!!
Ahhh Koichi you better not make me regret this!!!!!!!
Mahh not like I will ever regret anything of Koichi XDDDD
Alright rambling ends here =X