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23 August
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I am not a KinKi Kids Fan,
I just attempt to buy up all of their stuffs available ~.~
Ok la I'm bullshitting

Anyway in case any of you don't know,
I decided to just post it here anyways~ haha
I have another personal blog in blogger,
Where I will fangirl about KinKi Kids there too~ hahaha
If you are interested feel free to just come and take a look ^^

Ok after reading rurun's entry,
I feel that I should share my part of my story too,
As to how I became a KinKi fan ^^
The reason why I am doing this is because I believe that every KinKi fan has such a story to share,
And whether is it by coincidence or anything,
I just want to say that I would be glad to hear your part of the story ^^
After all without that story we wouldnt be able to enjoy the hapiness that KinKi Kids has always given us ne? ^^

So this is my story
When I was 10, my cousin was very into Kindaichi(the comic)
So when the drama was aired on Television,
He was very excited and actually went to record down the shows
And for me, as I was still a young kid,
I totally didn't care and didn't know what was Kindaichi
So I was totally nonchalant about it

However on this fateful day,
I went over to stay overnight at my cousin's place
And he wanted to watch Kindaichi AGAIN
Since he recorded it
And I wanted to play games ~.~ LOL
But was left with no choice but to watch Kindaichi
So I just watched
And that was when it started
After watching one episode, I was sooo impressed by how the crime was executed
And how Kindaichi solved the case
I cant believe I can be this captivated by the planning of the show when I was only 10 ~.~

And yupp that was when my craze started
I started to watch ALL the episodes of Kindaichi,
And I still remember the last episode of Kindaichi was aired at night,
And because I have school the next day,
I wasn't allowed to stay up late to watch the show
But my parents were very nice and they taped the show for me
The episode was the Wax Museum episode =D

And since then my cousin's younger sister (2 years older than me)
Was crazy over Tsuyoshi too
And she managed to find out that Tsuyoshi was from KinKi Kids
It still amazes me how she managed to find that out when internet wasnt so accessible during that time
But yeaa and she started buying A Album and Single Selection 1 to listen
And I would always leech from her and played Hitori Janai non stop
Until the whole family was sooo irritated by me LOL
I even play the song when I was sleeping and put it on repeat mode so it would play the whole night through LOL

So I was having this massive crush on Tsuyoshi that I totally didnt notice poor Kochan at all T _____T
And my 1st ever KinKi Album was C Album
And since then onwards I have been getting KinKi Kids CDs
But it was so sad because after I reached Secondary School,
I stopped listening to their songs
Somehow somewhere it got cut off I guess
And I was totally away from the KinKi world all the way until 2006
I was 16 then
That was when I was an anime fanatic

And I found this anime called Jyu Oh Sei,
And I found out that Koichi sang the theme song
And I suddenly felt so nostalgic
Because it has been sooo many years since I last heard that name
And hence I went to check up on that song
And I was so shocked to see Koichi
Because he was sooooo handsome T______T
I had to admit I didnt really like his looks in the past

But now,
I was really blown away
And I searched for KinKi Kids songs also
And the few songs that I was listening to that time
Was Snow!Snow!Snow!, Biroodo no Yami and Solitude
Oh ya Anniversary too~
And even though I wasnt in the KinKi fandom yet
Those songs, as well as To Heart and Jounetsu has always been inside my MP3 player
And on and off I will still listen to their songs

Finally when my A levels ended
I was aready 18 then
Because I am so free,
I decided to search for Koichi's songs
And that was when I heard Kagen no Tsuki
When I watched the PV
And listened to the song,
Chills totally went down my spine

And that was when it started getting back
To get more Ko chan I started watching Domoto Kyoudai,
And then it all snowballed
Through Domoto Kyoudai I felt as if I have gotten to know KinKi Kids all over again,
And since I was young I didn't know how to appreciate them more,
Now that I know how, I realised that I really really love them alot T___T
And there is no other group that suits me better

And with the currently collection of CDs that I have,
I somehow felt that I need to complete it,
And hence the reason why I save money now is just to get more KinKi stuffs LOL

Its weird I know,
But its like after leaving the fandom and coming back
I realised that yappari I still love them best =DD
Because when I listen to songs,
I always seem to have this certain requirement in me,
And I love minor key songs,
And I dont seldom get such songs now
And I dont understand why would people like to listen to meaningless/junk songs
Which I totally hate

And after listening to the songs that Koichi wrote,
And the songs that KinKi have,
Even I myself was surprised that their songs totally matched what I like
I was really really shocked
I mean in the past the songs that I have listened to I wont mention,
But even the new songs that Koichi wrote,
The songs that KinKi have after E Album
I totally love them!

I was a Tsuyoshi fan, and now am a Koichi fan
But all in all,
I love it best when both of them are together ^^
And hence till now I still believe that
I was meant to follow them ne~
Since young I met them,
Left them but in the end I'm still back
I guess I just cant run away, and I dont want to run away ne~

So if you want their songs downloads,
Just add me as friend, and I will add you back
Not much rules apply though =))
And spread the KinKi love!! =DD
And if you like,
I would love to hear about your 1st encounter with KinKi Kids as well ^^

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